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Cable Armoring Wire

Generally these wires are produced in 2 groups as R wire and F wire. These are woven on energy cables as a singlefile layer and used as protection wire to prevent impact or crushing.

R wire is produced circular and F wire is produced as flat. Resistances of theses wires produced from SAE 1006 wire rod as the low - carbon quality class is 350 Mpa as a minimum.

Deep submersion galvanized coating is used in these wires, which have a minimum zinc coating of 120 g/km2. R wires have diameters of 1.00 mm to 4.50 mm and coil weights of 200 to 800 kg. F wires have diameters of 0.80 x 4.00 mm and 0.80 x 5.00 mm and coil weights of around 300 kg.

Our cable armoring wires are produced in coil or drum packages varying with customer demand.